What Money Heist Can Teach You About COPYWRITING!!!

3 min readNov 17, 2021

Copywriting is everywhere.

When I do not know about copywriting.

And I have never noticed…

That copywriting is everywhere.

From advertisements on tv to notifications on your mobile.

If you have a food or hotel app installed on your mobile

They will send you creative messages to spark your carvings.

Same with movies and shopping apps.

They will seduce you with their discounts, offers, and many other tactics.

I especially felt the power of persuasion while watching movies or a series(Break bad to Money Heist).

Remember how the trailer builds suspense.

The greatest heist ever.

The entry of the professor. The background music. And how they introduced their team member.

Every scene builds a curiosity. Trailers build excitement. Promos remind you of the date.

Their job is to build excitement and emotion which makes us addicted to them.

Now Tv serials or novels used a tactic they called Cliffhanger.

They build suspense at the end of the story. An irressitable suspence. Which you have to wait.

You feel a need to know what happens next.

That is the power of Curiosity.

Keep the copy interesting and the reader interested through the power of curiosity.


As a copywriter, you write in such a way, that your reader while reading feels like sliding through the copy.

The opening message starts with easy and true statements. You make your reader say YES with every statement. And they slide through your copy.

The key element which is essential for a smooth slide is CURIOSITY.

Now I know you must have heard that your headline needs to spark curiosity.

But apart from headlines.

You must add a bit of curiosity in your paragraphs


Let’s say you have a killer headline.

And 80% of people will click because of that headline.

And subheads must have something which keeps your reader engaging.

And make them read further.

Same with your paragraphs in your copy.

The ending sentence must leave with a question or a cliffhanger.

Which would make readers read further so that they can fulfill their curiosity.

For example-see there, like this, Know more, You will see how, Learn more, and many others.

REMEMBER- Like, in a good movie, every actor has a role to play

If they won’t justify their role it may affect the whole movie.

Same with your copy

every aspect is essential.

For building a kickass slippery slide,

you need to add the element of curiosity throughout your copy.

It doesn’t mean to add at every paragraph or sentence.

Excess of everything is BAD.

Overdoing may kill your copy and waste your effort.

It comes with practice and you will master it.

Take inspiration from other copywriters.

Follow them,

See how they are writing,

where they are using the element of curiosity. How they are ending their paragraphs.

A good example which you can find in Gary Halberts(Boron Letter)

where he will explain why he used particular words.

And how he addresses his audience.

A key point to remember.

Read more and follow a copywriter of your choice. See how he writers and try to get inspiration.

I said inspiration not copy it( that’s BAD).

Hope you have enjoyed it.

As you know I do write about what I am reading and what I am reading is “The Adweek Copywriting Handbook”

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